4 Ways To Keep Your Pumpkin Fresh From The Patch

Posted on: 26 August 2019
You've found your perfect pumpkin, but Halloween is still awhile away. Knowing the best practices surrounding pumpkin care and carving will make sure your jack-o-lantern is still thriving when Halloween comes around. Start Off On The Right Foot When you select a pumpkin, you want to make sure the flesh is firm and there are no imperfections. Any soft spots, dents, or scrapes invite your pumpkin to begin rotting. You also want to look for a fresh, bright green stem.
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Installing New Cabinets? 3 Design Mistakes To Avoid

Posted on: 10 July 2019
No matter if you are remodeling or building from scratch, designing a kitchen can be overwhelming. From choosing a basic layout/floorplan to picking colors and amenities, the challenges should be easy to see. One area of your kitchen design that does not have to be so stressful is the placement and design of your cabinets. While they mainly serve a storage purpose, your cabinets make up a large part of your kitchen's basic look, as well.
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Can You Bleach Your Hardwood Floor During Refinishing?

Posted on: 29 May 2019
If you're about to refinish your hardwood floors, you may also be planning to change their color. Staining can only darken the color of wood, bringing out the grain and changing the tone. However, there is an option for lightening your floor as well: bleaching.  Bleaching Should Be Done by a Professional As with staining, bleaching can easily become uneven. You need to be careful when applying the bleach. There are also multiple steps to bleaching hardwood, including sanding.
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Tips For Homeowners With Tile Flooring In Their Bathroom

Posted on: 3 April 2019
Tiling is a common feature for bathrooms due to its resistance to water damage and other types of wear. However, there are important aesthetic and maintenance considerations that will come with using tiles for your flooring. Opt For Dark Or Neutral Floor Tiles Your selection of color will be one of the most noticeable decisions that you make when it comes to your bathroom tiles. While it can be tempting to opt for white or other bright colors for the floors, this can be far more difficult to keep clean.
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