Five Signs Of Loose Window Glass

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Having a broken window doesn't always mean that the glass itself is broken. Sometimes the glazing, which is the compound and seal that holds the glass in place, fails. You will need a glass repair professional to solve the issue.

1. Rattling

Your windows shouldn't rattle, no matter how windy it is or how hard that door was slammed. The glass in the windows is held in place with glazing compound and rubber seals, which means that there should be absolutely no room for movement. If the glass rattles, then the glazing compound has failed. This can happen with age, as the materials begin to break down.

2. Drafts

Drafts can come from the window frame or from the glass itself. If the frame is in good repair and the weather stripping is not damaged, then the glass could be the culprit. It doesn't take a lot of damage to allow drafts in. A crack in the glazing compound or a hole in one of the rubber seals can let in large drafts, especially on windy days. Not only do drafts make a room uncomfortable, but they can also lead to increased energy bills.

3. Whistling

Another telltale sign that the glazing on your windows is failing is whistling noises. The noise will be more severe on windy days, but even a slight breeze can lead to whistling. On well-sealed homes, whistling may also occur when the HVAC system is running because pressure differences inside can pull air out of the house. Keep in mind that whistling may also be caused by failed weather stripping as opposed to failed glazing, so it's best to have the windows inspected before making any repair plans.

4. Moisture

Moisture can seep in around window glass when the glazing compound and rubber seals begin to fail. You may notice condensation building up around the edges of the glass. If rain blows against a window, water may actually seep through in great amounts. Sometimes, water damage is noticed first, such as bubbling paint on window sills or wood rot in the window frame.

5. Insects

Loose glass with failed glazing can actually provide entrance for a variety of unwanted insects. Ants, spiders, and even small flies can squeeze in through the gaps as they seek out shelter and food. If you notice increased insect activity around a window, loose glass may be the attractant.

Contact a window glass repair service if you suspect that damaged glass is an issue in your window frames. Check out websites like to learn more.