Three Stair Options For Your Deck

Posted on: 13 September 2022

When you design a deck, you'll need to evaluate different stair designs and choose something that you feel will suit this structure. There are all sorts of popular stair options that are possible, and your deck builder can present the pros and cons of each option. You'll also need to think about whether you want your deck to have one set of stairs or two. A larger deck in a spacious yard can often benefit from two sets of steps, while one set can be best on a small deck in a small yard. Beyond a standard set of straight stairs, here are three stair options to consider for your deck.

Corner Stairs

One option to consider is having a set of stairs positioned at the corner of your deck so that the stairs wrap around the corner of the structure. Visually, this design has a welcoming feel, particularly if the stairs face a stylish walkway in your yard. Positioning the stairs in this manner does more than just augment the look of the deck, however. Because these stairs tend to be large and open, they're a good option when you need to move large pieces of furniture on and off the deck.

Spiral Staircase

If your contractor is building a deck off the second level of your home, you may wish to have access to your yard. In this scenario, a good option is to build a spiral staircase. Not only will this structure add visual appeal, but it's also practical because of its small footprint. Instead of having a larger set of stairs that zig-zags back and forth and takes up a significant amount of space in your yard, a spiral staircase won't take up much space. Spiral staircases are typically made of metal, and you may wish to design the deck to have metal balusters that match the look of the staircase.

90-Degree Stairs

If you like the look of conventional deck stairs but want something with just a little more visual appeal, consider having your builder build steps that turn at a 90-degree angle. This design can help the deck to feel a little more private when you're sitting on it. For example, instead of being able to see straight down the steps to the yard and beyond, you'll only be able to see the staircase's landing.

Contact a local deck builder to begin coming up with a design for the deck you want.