3 Tips To Help Organize Your Garage

Posted on: 22 September 2020

A garage is supposed to provide a space where you can safely store your vehicles. Modern garages have evolved into a sort of catch-all for items that can't be stored inside the home.

With so many items finding their way into the garage, you could see your available garage space shrink to the point where your vehicle no longer fits. Organization is essential in creating garage storage that will meet your needs but stay out of your way.

1. Sort Items Into Categories

In order to create a good organization plan for your garage, you need to know exactly what you have inside the space. Sorting items into categories can help determine how your garage space should be laid out.

Some common categories include: seasonal decor, tools, sporting and hunting equipment, and automotive care items.

If you come across anything that doesn't seem to fit into a category, consider throwing the item out or finding a place to store it inside your home.

Once all items are sorted, you can begin to design a space that will accommodate your belongings.

2. Determine Your Frequency of Use

A lot of the items that are stored in your garage are probably out there because they don't get used daily. You should consider your frequency of use when organizing your garage space.

You want to ensure that items used regularly (like landscaping equipment or sporting items) are easy to access. Placing these items on the back of a shelf could lead to disorganization in the future.

Items that don't get used often should be stored in the harder-to-reach areas of your garage, leaving the accessible areas open for items that are used regularly.

3. Invest in Storage Solutions

Storage solutions can completely transform the way you utilize your garage. The goal is to keep your garage floor clear so that your vehicle can easily fit into the garage for storage. This goal can be achieved by adding cabinets, hooks, shelving, and wire grids to hold your stored items.

Cabinets are great for housing automotive supplies. Hooks can be used for anything from small tools to large lawn edgers. Shelving and wire grids allow you to take advantage of the vertical space within your garage.

It is almost impossible to organize your garage without investing in some storage solutions that will help bring order to the items you keep in your garage space.

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