Three Eye-Catching Railing Ideas To Consider For Your Balcony

Posted on: 24 July 2020

Any homeowner who is remodeling his or her balcony may initially think about visiting a local home improvement store to buy materials for a new railing, but this isn't the only option that is available. Instead, it's also possible to find a custom balcony railing company online and contact it to discuss some creative ideas that you have for a custom project. A one-of-a-kind railing can definitely stand out, adding to the visual appeal of the balcony and the entire home. Don't be afraid to ask the company to show you examples of its past projects, as seeing them will help you to understand what options are available. Here are three eye-catching railing ideas that might appeal to you.

Nature Scene

If you want a custom railing that depicts specific shapes, one idea that can work well is a nature scene. For example, your custom railing company could design the railing to feature silhouettes that are easy to recognize — evergreen trees, leaves, birds, or various land animals. This type of railing can especially work well in a rural setting. For example, if you have a log cabin that backs onto a forest, a nature-inspired railing around your second-floor balcony can tie in well with the surrounding scenery.


Some people like the idea of personalized elements throughout their homes and this may be an idea that you wish to discuss with your custom railing company. A logical choice is to have the letter of your surname fashioned in the railing. For example, if your last name begins with the letter "W," you might have a section of railing that features several standard balusters, followed by a baluster with a large "W," and then several more standard balusters. If your home has multiple balconies, you could take this approach for each of them to create a theme.


Another direction that you can take with your custom railing project is to choose an abstract design. While you can certainly give your railing company's designers free rein to create something artistic and unique, you might also want to provide direction. For example, maybe you want the railing to be made up of a series of flowing pieces, rather than straight lines. This idea can add visual softness to the balcony, which may be something that you find appealing. Or, maybe you want the railing to have several circular pieces of metal for a unique look.