Ideas For Matching A Ceiling Fan To Your Décor

Posted on: 17 April 2020

Ceiling fans are a necessity on a hot day. When the temperature rises, all you want to do is cool down. As experts point out, ceiling fans have a big advantage in that they cool your room in a cost-effective manner.

If you haven't shopped for a fan in a while, you might not be aware of how many styles you have to choose from. You want one that will fit in with your décor. Keep reading for ways to buy a useful fan to complement your décor.


When builders finish off a house, they often install a standard fan with a light in the center and wooden-looking blades. Maybe you like the casual appeal of relaxed décor. If you want an updated version of that builder-grade style, look for one with shinier metal and real wood blades. The fan will match most any décor style.


The contemporary style values the shape of items. This style also likes to mix both manufactured and natural materials. So, you might want to look for a fan that has a very simple metal base and wooden blades. Consider especially any fan with a geometric-styled base.


The industrial aesthetic is ultra-modern — think factory chic. The look is based on a sense of minimalism that looks downright stripped down. Designers often use reclaimed and manufactured materials for this style. Look for a ceiling fan that looks like it's been reclaimed from a factory or even airplane.


Maybe you've traveled a lot or you like to decorate with pieces from around the world. You'll want a ceiling fan that fits right in. For that exotic ambience, look for one of the fans that features blades shaped like palm fronds. These fans will give your room the rustic appeal of a shack on the beach.


Maybe your taste in the rustic falls more along the lines of cowboys and other western themes. You might have a leather sofa and western art or just a general love for homey decorating items. You may want an ornate fan emblazoned with designs from a saddle. Or you could look into a rustic model with a plain base and wooden blades.


Many people like the mid-century modern look. If you fancy retro decorating, look for a fan with some throwback appeal. For example, you can find three-bladed fans that look a little like spaceships. Conversely, look for one with a base in a pastel shade from the 1950s, such as mint green.

Try one of the above fan styles to complement your décor.