Granite Vs. Quartzite: Important Differences, And Why You Might Choose One Over The Other

Posted on: 11 January 2019

Granite and quartzite; can you tell the difference? There is a pretty good chance that you cannot. It takes a trained eye to know which is which. That is an exciting fact for homeowners that want granite countertops but not the granite issues. Here are some of the major differences between granite countertops and quartzite countertops.

Slightly Different Molecular Structure During Formation of the Stone 

The granules of crystals found in granite tend to be smaller. This is the result of eons of formation under the ground, along with temperature and pressure. The quartzite has a larger crystal structure, which gives rise to greater variation in patterning. It also means that the quartzite is harder and more durable.

Cannot Scratch or Burn Quartzite

Quartzite was formed under greater pressure and extremely intense heat. This is valuable to know from the standpoint that you can accidentally set a hot pan or dish on the bare quartzite countertop and not do any real damage. It is also much more difficult to scratch the quartzite than it is to scratch the granite. 

Quartzite Offers Almost as Many Colors

Granite offers dozens of colors, and quartzite offers colors plus patterns. The patterns in quartzite are often the result of other metals, minerals, and rocks that have naturally come together under tectonic compression to become part of the quartzite. If you are more interested in a straight mottled color or a sort of marble look, you can choose the granite. Otherwise, choose the quartzite.

When Polished, You Cannot Tell Them Apart

Polished granite and polished quartzite both have that very glossy, pretty sheen. The quartzite sheen is only slightly duller than the granite. If you want your countertops to reflect less light because there is already so much light in the room, or because the appliances are highly reflective nickel or chrome, then choose the quartzite. If you want that characteristic sheen to reflect every ounce of light that comes into your kitchen or bath, then the granite countertops are better.

Quartzite Is a Little Cheaper

Granite countertops are known for their pricey-ness. If you have not quite that much wiggle room in your remodeling budget, you could opt for quartzite instead. Both add resale value to your home, but you would not be breaking the bank if you chose quartzite. The granite does give the value of your home more of a boost, so there is that to consider when purchasing one material over the other.