A Swim Spa Could Be the Perfect Addition to Your Backyard

Posted on: 23 October 2018

If you love to spend time in the water relaxing and exercising, but you don't have room to build a pool in your yard, then you should look into buying a swim spa. A swim spa is part hot tub and part swimming pool, and it's a great way to enjoy water activity in a small yard. Here's a look at how a swim spa works.

A Swim Spa Has Two Sections

There are two distinct parts to a swim spa. One end is large enough for you to stretch out in the water to swim, float, or exercise. The other end is designed like a spa for relaxing and socializing. You can enjoy star gazing at night while relaxing in warm water while being massaged by water jets and you can exercise during the day in the strong water current in the swimming section.

The Spa Side Has Luxury Features

Swim spas come in various designs, but they usually have luxury features just like any other spa you would buy. Numerous water jets massage your back and feet while you soak in hot, bubbling water. There are different seat configurations, and a popular option includes at least one seat that allows you to recline in the spa for a full body massage. The spa can have underwater lights for a dramatic effect at night, and there is room for multiple people so the whole family can soak together or you can use the spa when entertaining.

The Swim Side Provides Exercise Options

It's possible to swim in one of these spas because of a strong current of water that shoots out of the end. You face the current and swim against it to mimic the effect of swimming laps in a pool. You can also use the resistance of the water current to do muscle-building exercises and to walk or jog in place. You'll get a good workout that's gentle on your joints.

A Swim Spa Is Easy to Install

You'll get a lot of use out of a swim spa and the good thing is that it is easy to install. You can sink it in the ground if you want, but unlike a backyard pool, you don't have to dig up the ground to install a swim spa. You'll need a level pad to place it on, and it can be assembled on site. The swim spa is delivered as a whole fiberglass shell that can be placed behind your home with a crane if necessary, so it can be squeezed into a tight space. Then, the plumbing and electrical systems are installed along with the base to make your spa ready for use.

If you're looking at buying a spa versus buying an above ground pool, get the best of both worlds and buy a swim spa instead. Even though the spa is compact, you can swim endless laps, and it's big enough for kids and adults to enjoy.