Three Questions You May Have About Rain Chains

Posted on: 23 July 2018

If you have seen chains hanging from the gutters of your neighbor's homes and wondered what they are, the answer is that they are rain chains. These chains are designed to look beautiful and to offer you an alternative to the regular downspout, which isn't a great looking addition to the corners of your home. When you replace the downspout with a decorative rain chain, you will more than likely be much happier with the look you have achieved. This article will offer you some answers to the more common questions people tend to have when they are first learning of rain chains.

Do Rain Chains Have to Be Downspout Replacements?

No, you don't have to use rain chains as a replacement for your downspouts, but you do want to put them up where there will be rain dripping, so it will drip down them. This is what gives them that pleasing aesthetic look. Some people put them up where they don't have rain gutters, so the rain drips down them directly from the roof. Other people like to hang them from their trees. Since trees tend to have little to no leaves on them in the winter when it rains the most, rain chains will get plenty of action and you can enjoy watching the rain make its way down to the ground.

Do You Need to Be Handy to Install a Rain Chain?

No, you don't need to be handy at all. In fact, installing a rain chain can be compared to hanging a picture from a nail, it can be that easy! The rain chain comes with a hook for hanging. This hook is thin but strong. You can slip it right into the hole for the gutter that's already there or slip it right around a thin branch on a tree. Basically, you can put the rain chain anywhere that allows you to hang a hook from it.

Are Rain Chains Made to Water Birds?

No, rain chains aren't specifically created to act as places for birds to drink from, but they can function as this while still offering you a beautiful decoration for the outside of your home. One thing you do want to keep in mind is if it is summer and you have a bit of rain that then dries up right away, you may want to empty out your rain chain if you are concerned about mosquitos. Otherwise, they can quickly make a breeding ground for themselves. You shouldn't have to worry about this most of the year though.