3 Things Attracting Termites to Your Home

Posted on: 12 June 2018

From DIY pesticides and mouse traps to citronella candles, homeowners use numerous products to repel pests from their home. Unfortunately, some of these products are not as effective as you would expect. While surprising to hear, a few common elements around your home may appeal to certain pests, such as termites. Although small, termites can make a big impact on your home. Thankfully, helps is available. Here are a few things you may not realize are attracting termites to your house.


A system of gutters is imperative for moving rain, sleet, snow, and ice off your roof and away from your home's exterior walls and foundation.

Over time, your gutters will fill with leaves, pine needles, pine cones, dirt, and other debris. This debris will clog your gutters and downspouts, reducing their ability to move moisture away from your home.

Considering termites and other pests are attracted to moisture, clogged gutters can actually increase the risk of infestations and termite damage. There is no right or wrong time to clean your gutters, but it should be done regularly.


Termites feed on wood and even though you may think it is stored properly outside of your home, piles of firewood will attract these pests. Therefore, you must make sure it is stored far away from your home if you want to prevent a termite infestation.

Most experts recommend storing firewood at least 30 feet away from your home. If you store wood throughout the year, consider placing it in a shed or barn out in the yard and away from your actual home. The storage facility should be covered, as well, to keep the wood dry, reducing the risk of rotting and decay.

It is also important to remember that wood used for projects, such as barnwood or deck/fence boards, should also be stored away from the home in the same manner.


Mulch is a great addition to your landscape design because it adds color and texture while helping to trap in moisture to protect the health of your plants. Unfortunately, mulch, which is made out of wood chips or shredded wood bark, around the foundation will attract termites.

If you are using mulch around your home, consider creating a barrier between the actual mulch and your home's foundation. If you feel the opened area between the mulch and your foundation would be too noticeable, use pine straw or pebble gravel instead in your landscape beds. 

If you're finding that your go-to pest control tactics aren't working, consider working with home pest control services to get to the root of the issue.