The Four Biggest Advantages Of Cambria Quartz Countertops

Posted on: 26 January 2018

Cambria quartz countertops come in many different styles, colors, textures, and patterns that can truly help you grasp a hold of your dream kitchen. While it may seem that Cambria quartz is similar to other materials, there are actually many advantages that it has over others, such as granite. Here are the four biggest advantages you can find:

  1. Longer Warranty: Cambria quartz countertops generally have a longer warranty than other materials. On top of this, it's supposed to be protected against heat and collision from any item that might be dropped, which means that should damage happen from this, it will be covered whereas with other materials, it probably would be an exception to the warranty coverage. The reason the warranty is longer is simply because the material is extremely durable and highly unlikely to suffer from damages. 
  2. ​Sealed During Manufacturing: The biggest benefit is that the material is sealed when it's manufactured, which automatically makes it a perfect, anti-bacterial surface from the start. This makes your kitchen a healthy place where you can work directly on the countertops if you wanted to. It also doesn't require resealing overtime whereas other materials would need this to continue to be protected. 
  3. Greenguard Certified: Cambria countertops are even greenguard certified, which means that it has been tested and proven to have no affect on the air quality in the home. Other materials might emit certain, unseen chemicals in the air that do affect the air quality. This is especially beneficial if you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, want better air for health, and live with allergies or even have someone with asthma in your home. 
  4. Many Color Choices: Finally, there are many color choices you have when picking out your countertops, whereas other materials simply rely on the color that is created naturally and not much can be changed upon manufacturing. With the many color choices, you are more likely to create a space in your kitchen that you have always envisioned rather than having to rely on whatever nature has done. 

These are just four of the advantages of choosing Cambria countertops for your home. If you are interested, it's best to visit a manufacturer of this material and bring samples home. You can really test it against the lighting in the space and match it up with the rest of the materials you will be using for your kitchen. Contact a company, like Old World Stone, for more help.