Springtime Again? 2018 Color Trends To Consider When Repainting Your Home

Posted on: 14 November 2017

With winter settling in all over the northern hemisphere, it can be hard to believe that the weather will ever warm up again—but just as it's never too early to begin planning for spring and summer activities, it's never to early to start considering what adjustments you want to make to your home once the thaw begins. A fresh coat of paint for the fresh new season is a great way to liven your home back up after the frost—and if you're going to repaint, why not lean into the color trends that accompany spring in 2018? If you're wondering the three best colors to embrace for your home, then here's what you need to know.


Yellow is traditionally one of the chief colors of springtime, and this coming season will keep to the trend with yellow-based hues like lime punch (an almost neon yellow with a splash of bright green for depth) or the number one trendiest color for next spring, meadowlark (a softer yellow that's still bold and cheerful). These bright colors will look great in your kitchen, where their citrusy nature will make everyone think of delicious fruits like lemons and pineapples. They'll also work in your bathroom, as their clean, crisp hue will brighten up the room.


A powerful punch of color for such a delicate season, bold purples and reds are expected to be at the top of home paint trends everywhere in the new year. Colors such as chili oil (a dark brown-red), cherry tomato (a color as bright and orange-red as the vegetable it's named for) and ultra violet (a bold, dark purple perfectly balanced between blue and red) will look fabulous as accents along your walls—or even coating an entire accent wall, delivering a pop of color without encasing you in a box.

Barely-There Neutrals

If you like a more subtle hand with your trendy paint colors—or are looking for hues that aren't too dark or bright to paint your walls with—then there are quite a few colors to choose from. Mainstays like a subtle grey or just off-white are at the top of the trend list for 2018, as are quasi-neutrals such as almost mauve (a pale, delicate, near-white hue with a touch of the lightest purple-pink) or blooming dahlia (a pale peach, much lighter than its floral counterpart). These colors are great for bedrooms (especially nurseries) or any other room where relaxation is the name of the game. 

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