Make Your Bathroom Beautiful, Warm And Cozy With These Renovation Ideas

Posted on: 13 September 2017

You may have made the choice to renovate your bathroom after getting fed up with its current condition. However, if you want your bathroom to stop looking so sterile or gloomy, you'll need to have ideas like the ones laid out here.

Choose Rich Colors

Before thinking about individual pieces, think about the background you'll be putting them in. You'll need to repaint during the renovation, and the colors you choose will have a lot dot do with the finished look. Select, calm, rich colors that evoke feelings of peace and relaxation Aquamarine, peach or similar colors are appropriate. 

Use a Handmade Ceramic Sink

Rather than using  commonplace white ceramic sinks, boost the beauty quotient in your bathroom by seeking out a ceramic sink that is handmade and unique. The sink can sometimes be custom-made, which will allow you to suggest favorite flowers or colors that match the new paint. The perfect handmade ceramic sink can be a centerpiece of the entire space.

Try a Floating Vanity

Floating vanities made of ceramic, quartz or marble can be smart for a small bathroom. Because it takes up no space on the floor, the room can seem larger. You can also decide how high you'd like the vanity to be.

A floating vanity will really show off your handmade ceramic sink; the sink will look like a gorgeous work of art. You will, however, need to plan for ample storage elsewhere in the room.

Install Radiant Floor Heating and Towel Warming Racks

When it's cold, a hot bath or shower is wonderful, but stepping onto a cold floor and picking up a cool towel doesn't help. Make things cozier on cold days with installation of radiant floor heating and towel warming racks.

Seek Out Waterproof Electronics

Nothing relaxes you quite like your favorite music. You might be reluctant to bring electronic devices into your bathroom, but many modern shower heads and mirrors are now allowing people to listen to their favorite tunes. Seek out these items and determine whether they'll suit your own bathroom

Add Plants

Once the tough work on fixtures and equipment is completed, finish off the renovation by adding life to the room in the form of beautiful flowers or calming ferns. They can complement the serene atmosphere you want.

Renovation ideas like these can transform the bathroom into one of the most inviting spaces in the house. Discuss the details with your contractor so you can make these ideas a reality.