The Health Benefits Of Ditching That Shower Curtain & 3 Types Of Glass Shower Doors You May Not Have Known Existed

Posted on: 30 June 2017

If you are still using shower curtains to help keep your bathroom dry while your family members are showering, then you may not realize that there are many benefits that come with ditching the shower curtains for good after making just a small investment in glass shower doors. While glass shower doors do have other benefits, such as helping you save money in the end when you don't have to repurchase many expensive shower curtains over the years after you have a glass door installed, one of their best benefits can be an improvement in the health of your family. 

However, you may have some misconceptions about glass shower doors and think they are all alike when there are actually many different types of glass shower doors available, many which you may have never known existed. 

Read on for a quick overview of the health benefits of ditching the shower curtains after installing glass shower doors in your bathrooms and shower door types you may not know exist and their unique benefits. 

Health Benefits of Switching from Shower Curtains to Glass Shower Doors

One aspect of your home you want to keep a close eye on to keep your family in good health is your indoor air quality. Unfortunately, typical PVC shower curtains release as many as 108 different VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, into your home's air after they are taken out of their packages. The average shower curtain continues to release these compounds for at least a full month after it is put into place in your home, and by then, it is often time to replace it with a new curtain. 

While there are shower curtains made of natural materials, such as cotton, unfortunately, none are waterproof, so not only do they not protect your bathroom from water damage well, they are more prone to mildew development than PVC shower curtains are. 

Glass emits little to no volatile organic compounds into the air your family breathes, so you can greatly improve the quality of the air your family breathes just by replacing all shower curtains in your home with glass shower doors. 

3 Types of Glass Shower Doors You May Not Have Known Existed

Now that you know that switching from PVC shower curtains to glass shower doors in your bathrooms can improve your family's air quality, if you have any apprehensions about making the switch, it may be due to the misconception that all glass shower doors are the same. The truth is that there are many types and styles of glass shower doors, and one of the following types may be perfect for your family:

1. Tinted and Colored Glass Shower Doors

One reason many families have apprehensions about replacing shower curtains in their homes with glass shower doors is the misconception that family members will lose the privacy that opaque shower curtains offer after making the switch. The truth is that not only are there many clear glass patterns, such as frosted glass and rain glass, that prevent others in the bathroom from getting a clear view of the person who is inside the shower, but there are also tinted glass shower doors that provide even more shower privacy. 

Popular glass shower door tints include bronze and gray tints, although some glass door manufacturers also produce doors with glass made of beautiful colors that complement your bathroom decor while providing family members in the shower extra privacy. 

2. HD Glass Shower Doors

If your concern isn't privacy in the shower, but instead how a glass shower door will blend in with your decor, then you may love the appearance of an HD glass shower door. While traditional clear glass shower doors can have a slight tint due to their high iron content, there is less iron in HD glass shower doors, which means they provide a crystal-clear view into the shower. If your shower is lined with beautiful decorative tile, then family members and visitors can finally appreciate the look of it after it is no longer hidden by a shower curtain. 

3. Steam Doors

If you ever wished you could afford to install a sauna in your home due to the pain relief they can offer when the moist heat they offer soothes your sore, achy muscles or due to one of the numerous other health benefits saunas offer, then you may love the sauna effect you can achieve with glass steam shower doors. These doors form a super-tight seal that keeps steam inside your shower instead of allowing it to escape. 

If you still cover your showers with PVC shower curtains, then switching to a glass shower door can improve the air quality of your home. Remember that not all glass shower doors are alike, so consider all of your door options before having them installed.