4 Major Benefits Of Water Softening

Posted on: 25 June 2017

If you live in a region of the country with hard water, your household water most likely contains high levels of certain minerals which leave behind deposits and buildup everywhere from your plumbing system to your hair and skin. Adding a whole house water softening system is an easy solution which can make a dramatic difference and eliminate many issues related to hard water. Here are four of the biggest benefits of water softening systems:

More Efficient Water Appliances

Mineral deposits in hard water clog and lower the efficiency of your water-based appliances, including your washer and your dishwasher. If you intentionally invested in energy-efficient appliances and have been disappointed that they do not seem to save any energy and often need to be used for longer periods of time than normal to be effective, hard water may be to blame. By filtering and softening your water, your new water softening system will help your appliances do their jobs as efficiently as possible, saving you money on your energy and water bills. 

Plumbing May Last Longer

Hard water can be a big challenge for your home's plumbing system. The minerals in hard water leave behind deposits and scale buildup in your pipes, which can eventually contribute to corrosion, clogs, and rust. By softening your water, you are helping to protect your home's plumbing system and prevent costly repairs.

Healthier Skin and Hair

Soap and shampoo are much less effective in hard water because the minerals that are present prevent soap agents from dissolving properly. This means no matter how often you shower or wash your hair, your skin may feel itchy and like it has a film on it, and your hair may be lifeless, dull, and dry. Once they switch to a water softening system, many people are amazed to experience shinier, healthier-looking hair, and softer, more comfortable skin.

Cleaner Home

For similar reasons, hard water makes it very difficult to keep your home clean. Dishes come out of the dishwasher with streaks or looking like they haven't been cleaned at all. Floors and other home components cleaned partly with water end up looking dull and never quite get clean. A water softening system will eliminate this problem, allowing your dishes, glassware, and home to look sparkling clean.

Adding a water softening system to your home will allow you and your family to enjoy these household and health benefits for yourselves.