3 Things To Look For When Replacing A Door In A Rental Property

Posted on: 15 June 2017

There are a number of reasons why you might be interested in replacing the front door to a rental property that you own. From it being simply worn down from years of having tenants living there to damage from a door break in-or other issue, it's important that you take your time when selecting a new door to be installed. Instead of rushing into replacing the door without much of a plan besides the desired look, you should look into which features make the most sense for a rental property and what features will be a good investment in the years to come.

Secure Locks You Can Easily Access When Needed

One of the best things to look for when buying a replacement door for rental property is top notch security. Your tenants are going to be looking for apartments or rental homes that they feel comfortable in, making it important that you avoid doors that seem flimsy and don't have very secure locks on them. While the door that you are interested in buying may have quality security features already, you should look into getting additional locks installed as well.

Skip Glass Panels That Can Be a Security Concern

Many homeowners are interested in having a glass panel insert on their front door due to how attractive they can look in a home. The problem with a glass panel is that can easily be smashed and be used as a point of entry for a burglar. In order for your rental property to be as secure as possible for the tenants, it's a good idea to avoid using glass panels and opt for something more sturdy.

Make Sure the Door is Solid Wood or Steel

When you begin comparing doors for sales, you'll begin to notice that the materials available vary quite a bit. While it can be cheaper to choose some of the lesser quality doors, it's best to stick with only solid wood or steel so that it cannot be broken down easily. With a sturdier door that is harder to break down, you'll also notice the benefit of it blocking out noise better and even being better for insulation due to the colder months.

Taking your time selecting a replacement door for your rental property and relying on professionals, like Rolox Home Service, to have it installed can help ensure that it is a good choice for any potential tenants that you have.