Three Ways For Keeping Your Balcony And Property Free Of Pigeons

Posted on: 27 May 2017

If outside space is important to you, you will want to enjoy the balcony, backyard, and patio of your new home. setting up these spaces for enjoyment can be easy. With comfortable patio furniture, small bistro seats in your balcony, and newly growing grass in your yards, you will be able to set up the perfect exterior spaces. One of the things that can come along and ruin the neatness and enjoyment of your outside space is pigeons. Pigeons typically come and hang around in crowds which is annoying to the owners of these spaces. Not only do pigeons make a mess, but they also tend to stick around and are difficult to get rid of. Here are some ways to keep your yards and balconies free of pigeons so that you can experience the out of doors to the fullest. 

Call in an expert

It can be nearly impossible to figure out why pigeons may be hanging around on your own. To determine the root cause or causes, you should call a pest control company that deals with pigeons. The pest control company should specialize in extermination that will deter pests from coming onto your property. Once the pest control company makes a visit, have them evaluate the entirety of your property, including your decks. The issue may be the grass seedlings that you are growing or excess trees on your property that shed a food that the pigeons desire. Knowing the root cause will allow you to eliminate the reason pigeons are attracted to your property. 

Close up holes

One of the ways you may begin to see more pigeons on your property, even after extermination, is if you have holes or spaces on your roof. These spaces, including gutters, will allow the pigeons to lay eggs and nest. If you have holes or spaces that make it easy for pigeons to nest, this may allow pigeons to hatch on your property and remain there. Take a look at your roof and gutters and make sure there are no holes. Clean your gutters often so that no nests may survive. 

Spiked decorations

Once the exterminator has placed extermination chemicals around the grass, decks, and trees, your only worry may be the ledges that the pigeons may select to land. Place spiked decorations that make it difficult for pigeons to land and stand on. In any space you have no spiked decor, place reflective surfaces that will annoy and discourage and pigeons.