Tips For Preparing Your Home For A Carpet Cleaning

Posted on: 11 October 2019

You may do a lot to protect your carpet, such as removing shoes before walking on the carpet or banishing beverages from carpeted areas. However, carpets need regular cleaning. According to Home Advisor, annual cleaning is usually indicated. The benefits of professional carpet cleaning are that you improve the appearance and longevity of your carpet.

So, if you've decided it's time for a carpet cleaning, you'll want to prepare your house ahead of time. Here are some tips to get your home and carpet ready for the professional carpet cleaners.

Put Away the Clutter

You want your whole carpet cleaned, not just the high-use areas, to ensure you get a consistent look across the surface of your carpet. Therefore, the cleaners will need to access all areas of the carpet.

Naturally, if areas are covered in clutter, they'll be unable to clean those spots. Use your impending carpet cleaning appointment as a catalyst to get rid of some clutter items.

Move Light Furniture

In that vein, you'll also want to get some of the furniture out of the way. Granted, you could make a big stack of your furniture in one carpetless room, but you don't have to go that far. Just move the lighter pieces of furniture in that room. That said, if you can stash some of the bigger pieces, say in a garage, you will get a more thorough cleaning service.

Vacuum the Carpet

The cleaners will be using a heavy-duty shampooer, something that's much stronger than your home vacuum. However, its purpose is to focus on deeply ingrained dirt, not the daily dust and debris on the surface. So, if you vacuum ahead of time, your cleaning service can focus on the deep-down soil, thus giving you a more thorough cleaning.

Clean the Baseboards and HVAC Vents

While you're cleaning anyway, give the baseboards a wipe down. Likewise, give some attention to the HVAC vents. Vacuum them out, or dust them, as appropriate.

This task isn't necessary to ensure a good cleaning. However, you don't want to go through all the trouble of having your carpets cleaned just to have dusty baseboards or vents get the surface dirty again.

Make Arrangements for Pets

Cats and dogs notoriously hate the vacuum. They're not going to be any more enamored of the big shampooer professional crews use. So, to maintain their sanity — and yours — make arrangements to have your pets watched, preferably off the premises. You could stash them in a room that's not being shampooed, but the noise will probably still stress them out.

For more information about preparing for a carpet cleaning, contact a service such as Bravo Cleaning & Restoration.